Alternative Music Platform Society (AMPS)


​A long time ago, a group of friends who played music in one of their houses decided that they needed an outlet to share their immense talents. Whilst they thought that going out to town to busk would be a wonderful idea, the founder of AMPS did not like the idea of busking, as he felt their music could draw better crowds. Thus, he set out to find a group or society that could help him in his conquest.

However, no society in the University of Tasmania existed that could provide him with a stage, no society would show him the path to become the next Led Zeppelin. Crushed, heartbroken, but not dejected, he gathered the same group of friends that were bedroom music legends, and decided that action needed to be done. Thus, the idea of AMPS was formed – not only for a stage for this group of friends, but a stage for anybody that wishes to partake in it.


​​We aim to provide a stage, the necessary equipment, and an audience for our society’s members, and will hold more events if the organised events are well received. We believe that music is what brings people together, regardless of our racial, religious, or social background.

Thus our main goal is for everyone to just have a good time, and to enjoy themselves, regardless of who they are. ​

Ok, what about EMS and TMO?

The Electronic Music Society (EMS) and the Tasmanian Medical Orchestra (TMO) both provide a different musical experience to what we offer our members.

Our Society’s name was carefully chosen to reflect the fact that we will be promoting an alternative genre of music to what is currently available in the University. Whilst we do appreciate what these established societies provide, we are a little different in that we aren’t limited to just modern and futuristic electronic music, or classical orchestral music, but rather everything in between the classical and futuristic spectrum.

2017 Committee

​President – TK “LordMaster_Dragonslayer94”
Vice-President – Eugene
Secretary – Andrew
Treasurer – Darryl
Publications Officers – Rachel and Jon
Events Coordinators – Nana and Matthew

AMPS operates via a CC BY 4.0 International License.


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